The Concept

To portray in contemporary visual media the inspiration and collaborative energy that drives scientists in their quest to understand the nature of life.

The Aims

To convey to the widest possible audience through the art-form of film, and web video accessible from anywhere in the world, films about research, research technologies, collaboration and inspiration that enable advances in medical science and human health. The film-maker was given the daunting task of conveying to a non-scientific audience – the general public, schools, policy makers, and governmental funding bodies a real sense of what scientists do and how they do it and the importance of basic scientific research has , while also highlighting for post-graduates, post-doctoral researchers and scientific funding institutions the quality of the centre’s scientific infrastructure and resources as well as the work of some of the world best researchers in the field.

The Collaboration

The project was a collaboration between Gordon Dawson a London-based artist who works in the medium of film and the scientists at the GRE Centre. Particularly involved was Angus Lamond, an amateur filmmaker himself who worked closely with Gordon in editing the final cut.

The Project

The film is narrated by the scientists themselves, speaking directly to camera as well as being filmed in their day-to-day activities around the centre, working within and across research groups. They speak candidly about their work and career choices as well as the more abstract ethical and intellectual issues about science, research and the fundamental nature of life itself. The film is shot through with animation by artist Louisa Minkin and microscopic images generated at the Centre’s highly acclaimed Microscopy Facility.

The Impact

The objective is to reach a large worldwide audience, easily and free of cost. The first short has been viewed by people in 50 countries across five continents.