Seminar details

March 10, 2020, 12:00 pm @ Small Lecture Theatre

Dr. Suzanne Madgwick, Newcastle University

Host: Federico Pelisch


Meiosis I cell divisions are a long and complicated process in mammalian oocytes. Particularly notable, is an extended period of prometaphase where oocytes spend many hours attempting to align their chromosomes in preparation for anaphase (up to 24 hours in human oocytes compared to just 10-15 minutes in mitosis). If key cell cycle proteins are either misregulated or not maintained throughout prometaphase, oocytes often divide with aneuploidies (producing eggs with incorrect numbers of chromosomes): the number one genetic reason for failed pregnancy, miscarriage and developmental disabilities in babies. Infertility and pregnancy loss are associated with substantial mental and physical health problems yet our knowledge of meiotic cell cycle protein regulation lags significantly behind that of mitosis. My current and future research plans seek to address this. Most recently we have resolved a mechanism able to prevent aneuploidy in mouse oocytes. My talk will describe this and current research alongside future research plans.