Post-Doctoral Researchers

Visiting GRE you can immediately feel it is a great place to work. The open plan nature of the labs ensures that you are not alone even if you have to do long time-course experiments. It promotes social and professional interactions. It is very collegiate, international and friendly. You have access to fantastic facilities and technologies and can be exposed to forefront research. GRE was the founder of both the postdoc association as well as the PhD associations, in the School of Life Sciences, that have now great power in the direction of the School. GRE ensures that you are able to not only develop your research skills, but also be involved in public understanding of science, and to obtain leadership and teaching skills. Joining GRE as a postdoc is an excellent opportunity to be successful in science regardless of the path one decides to take.

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How to Apply

To apply for postdoctoral research positions, please look at the available open positions in the School of Life Sciences, vacancy page, then follow the online application process. However, informal enquiries are always welcome and should be directed at the PI of interest. In this case it is important to give enough time for joint applications for fellowships or grant proposals to be written and submitted. This would normally take up to 12 months.

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