Daniel is a former GRE Post-Doc, and is now a PI at The Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, Australia.

“As a soon-to-be finished PhD student looking for somewhere to do a post-doc, the Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression fell on my radar when the then director of the Centre, Prof. Angus Lamond, gave a seminar in my department. His enthusiastic and innovative presentation piqued my interest to look a little closer at GRE. Being a protein biochemist that had an interest in chromatin biology I soon discovered that the Owen-Hughes lab looked to be a great fit for me. It was a bit of a gamble, packing up and moving from Sydney, Australia to Dundee, Scotland, but one that paid off. The research facilities in GRE are first-rate, with excellent support, and there is a great collegial and community spirit to go with it. Outside of science there is a terrific social element to working in GRE, and the international nature of those working there provide a fantastic opportunity to meet and make new friends with people from all over the world. I would wholly recommend Dundee and GRE as a great place to live and work, not just for the science, but for the opportunity to explore all the great and unique things Scotland has to offer.”