I spent 6.5 very rewarding years at the GRE in Dundee as a post-doctoral fellow with Angus Lamond. Looking back I can see these were the defining years for my career – where I made one of my most significant contributions to science and where I developed most of my foundation skills. Whilst in Angus’ lab I discovered a new type of nuclear structure, paraspeckles, and this has become the core of my research even to this day. The discovery of paraspeckles was only possible through the ‘come and play’ philosophy of the lab that prioritized curiosity and love of science. More broadly, the academic environment and the equipment and infrastructure in of the GRE are superb. At that time I had no idea how lucky I was to be in such an environment – now I can see with hindsight that this was a unique opportunity and I am so glad that I grasped it when I did. Thanks for the good memories GRE!