Outer Space | Inner Space

at the

Mills Observatory

An interdisciplinary collaboration using research technology to make scientific research accessible to everyone

Outer Space | Inner Space (OSIS) is a new science communication venture created and led by the Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression. OSIS is an adaptable immersive space at the iconic Mills Observatory, supported by an interactive, science outreach programme to promote cutting-edge research from the University of Dundee.

interactive science at the Mills Observatory


The Mills Observatory in the heart of Dundee provides a unique location to develop, trial and offer public engagement activity that is immersive, uses multimodal-presentation techniques through a room-filling visual presentation screen, allowing visitors of all ages and abilities to engage with and explore the wonders of the world of science.

This ambitious project is funded by the Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression at the University of Dundee by a Strategic Grant from Wellcome in partnership with Leisure and Culture Dundee and Dundee City Council.

The project was initiated and is managed and run by the Dundee Imaging Facility the only multidisciplinary technology hub at the University which currently works with researchers from all of the STEMM subjects.

SCIENCE & Technology to inspire


It has been developed in collaboration with the School of Computing Computing’s Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Research Group with input from science researchers from across the University.

The facilities allow accessible, interactive exploration of University research across multiple disciplines. The technology used will also ensure that all audiences, especially people with impairments, can experience and interact with the presentations.