Dr Manjula Nagala, a postdoc in Joost Zomerdijk’s lab, has won the best poster prize for a postdoctoral researcher at the 8th International Biennial Conference on RNA Polymerases I and III, The Airlie Center, Virginia, USA, 7-11 June 2012. This focussed conference was attended by about 80 participants from several European countries as well as Japan, Australia, Canada, India, and the USA and is the prime event for those lab’s focussingon transcription and gene expression regulation by RNA polymerases I and/or III to present and discuss their latest findings.

The title of her poster: RNA Polymerase I subunit CAST in the regulation of ribosomal RNA synthesis and cell proliferation
Manjula Nagala, Kostya I. Panov, Jackie Russell and Joost Zomerdijk.