The Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression (GRE), led by Professors Angus Lamond and Julian Blow, has been given a £5.4 million grant. Established in 2008, GRE is one of the leading research centres studying the cell biology of gene expression and chromosome biology. It has attracted scientists from around the world to come to work in Dundee.

The GRE Centre comprises thirteen research groups and over 100 scientists.

Professor Lamond said, “I am delighted that the Wellcome Trust will be funding another five years of our research. This is clear recognition of the work that all our researchers and support staff in GRE have done over the past five years to form a centre for research excellence in gene regulation and expression here in Dundee. The grant will allow us to continue our ground-breaking research and world class technological infrastructure.

“This grant will support and develop technology and expertise in Microscopy, Mass Spectrometry, Computing and Proteomics, which is essential to our research.

“By using these technologies in our experiments we can gain a deep understanding of cell growth and regulation and how these cellular mechanisms go wrong in a range of human diseases.”

In total the Wellcome Trust announced over £11 million in strategic funding to two research groups at the University of Dundee.

A team led by Professor Irwin McLean has also been awarded around £5.9 million to help establish a Centre for Dermatology and Genetic Medicine.

Professor Doreen Cantrell, Head of the College of Life Sciences at Dundee, said, “These grants offer recognition of the outstanding basic and translational life sciences research that goes on in Dundee. The funding is a testament to the pioneering nature of Irwin, Angus and Julian and their colleagues’ research and represent a strong investment from the Wellcome Trust in the technologies that support it.”