Kinase Map from KinoViewer

A new publication by Brenes and Lamond (Bioinformatics, 2018) presents the ‘KinoViewer’, an interactive tool for Kinase analysis using proteomics and transcriptomics data in either Human, or Mouse, cells and tissues. Protein Kinases are a class of enzymes that catalyse the transfer of the gamma phosphate group from ATP onto specific hydroxyl groups on amino acid sidechains. The site-specific phosphorylation of protein substrates can drastically alter their function, by changing, for example, either their activity, interactions, localisation and/or stability. Kinases are key components of cellular signalling pathways and involved in many disease mechanisms. Many kinases are also important drug targets.

The KinoViewer provides a comprehensive, updated graphical display of all human/mouse kinases and an open access analysis tool for the community with a user-friendly graphical interface. The KinoViewer is the latest addition to the Lamond Group’s Encyclopedia of Proteome Dynamics and is already accessible at