The College of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee opens its doors to the public

On 12th November, as part of the Dundee Science Festival, researchers at the University of Dundee’s College of Life Sciences are inviting members of the public to find out more about some of the cutting-edge, world-class research being carried out in the heart of Dundee.

CLS Open Doors Day 2011 will be held at the Wellcome Trust Building under the auspices of the Dundee Science Festival, which takes place from the 29th October to the 13th November and celebrates Dundee as a city of science and innovation.

The Wellcome Trust building will be open to all and visitors will get to meet the scientists and discover exactly what goes on inside Dundee’s landmark blue-and-white building.  The day’s programme will include tours around the research labs where every day, scientists work on better understanding cancer, diabetes, alzheimers and hopefully ways in which to cure these diseases.

Since last year the Open Doors Day has been run by the College of Life Science’s Postdoc Association and PhD Student Association. Amy Gerc, Helen Woodroof and Anne Seifert who are the main organisers of this year’s event are very excited to be introducing people of all ages from across Dundee to their research.

“Visitors will be able to participate in hands-on demonstrations, including isolating DNA from raspberries, learning about diseases such as diabetes, and using microscopes to view living things invisible to the naked eye.  There will also be a number of workshops run by Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification where scientists will demonstrate how they can determine the age, sex and height of a victim in a murder case!” said Amy.

“The Open Doors Day is a fantastic event that enables members of the public to engage with science, get a flavour of the work carried out within the Wellcome Trust building and to immerse themselves in the daily life of a research scientist.” added Helen.

Doors will be open to the public from 10am until 4.30pm on thFor further information and to book free lab tours, please visit our website ( or contact us by phone on 01382 385136.