Wednesday 4th July, Peter Garland Lecture

Nobel Laureate, Professor Roger Tsien
“Breeding and building molecules to spy on cell signals anddisease processes”

4pm, MSI Large Lecture Theatre

Wine reception at 5pm in WTB Atrium 


About the lecturer:

Roger Tsien’s fascination with colors has revolutionized the fields of cell biology and neurobiology by allowing scientists to peer inside living cells and watch the behavior of molecules in real time. He is renowned for developing colorful dyes to track the movement of calcium within cells and has genetically modified molecules that make jellyfish and corals glow, creating fluorescent colors in a dazzling variety of hues. These multicolored fluorescent proteins have been used by scientists worldwide to track where and when certain genes are expressed in cells or in whole organisms. Now, Tsien is building on his fluorescent protein work to develop a novel way to image and possibly even deliver specially targeted drugs to cancer tumors.

About the lecture series:

The Peter Garland Lecture is the College of Life Sciences’ most prestigious lecture. Peter Garland was the first Professor of Biochemistry in Dundee and under his leadership from 1970-1984 it became the UK’s strongest life sciences department.