PROSPECTS, the new special issue of the journal Molecular and Cellular Proteomics features three articles from the Lamond Lab and a review article by Professor Lamond co-authored with Mathias Mann. All of the articles in PROSPECTS arise from groups participating in the EU FP7-funded PROSPECTS network. The scientists lay out their contribution to the future of proteomics with a powerful and versatile set of assay systems for characterizing proteomedynamics, a new ‘third generation’ proteomics strategy that offers an indispensible tool for cell biology and molecular medicine.

“We here present a perspective on how the proteomics field is moving beyond simply identifying proteins,” says Matthias Mann. “It now provides powerful tools for characterizing proteome dynamics and thereby creates a new level of proteomics research.” The “Special Issue” contains a series of 16 original research papers documenting the recent progress in all aspects of proteomic research achieved within PROSPECTS.

Angus Lamond’s review article for this issue (Lamond et al., 2012) is listed as the most frequently read article in MCP last month.

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