A new initiative involving reseachers from across Europe; including Professor Victoria Cowling from GRE; has been funded by the COST Association. “The European Epitranscriptomics Network” aims to foster the development of the emerging field of Epitranscriptomics, the study of RNA modifications. By understanding the role of RNA modifications in physiology and pathology, novel disease biomarkers and drug targets could be identified.

The award will facilitate collaboration, data sharing and mobility-based learning opportunities for 23 groups across Europe, Russia and Israel. It will fund meetings for these researchers to build their relationships, to pool their strengths and expertise in order to discover these potential new biomarkers and druggable targets. In addition, it will provide opportunities to visit partner labs for bespoke training and knowledge exchange.

“I am grateful that the European Union recognizes the biological importance of the emerging field of Epitranscriptomics. We are looking forward to continuing working with great colleagues across Europe to accelerate discoveries,” said Professor Cowling.


Image: Crystal structure of RNMT-RAM, solved by Pierre Petit in the Drug Discovery Unit which is one of the key enzymes in epitranscriptomic control.


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