Following the destruction of lab space by the fire at Biomedical Sciences Building at the University of St Andrews, 8 researchers from the groups of David Hughes and Rick Randall will be accommodated within Gene Regulation and Expression (GRE).

The David Hughes lab conduct research into the molecular and cellular biology of virus-host interactions. As stated on the Hughes lab website, they are ‘fascinated by a family of proteins, known as ubiquitin-like proteins (e.g. ubiquitin, ISG15, NEDD8, SUMO), and how they shape our immune response to infection. We also study how viruses manipulate the functions of these proteins, and other aspect of cell biology, for their own benefit’.

Rick Randall and his team study viruses and innate immunity. There is a particular focus on the interferon (IFN) system. They are interested in better understanding at the molecular level how influenza viruses and paramyxoviruses (e.g. mumps, measles, parainfluenza viruses) circumvent the IFN response.

Professor Tom Owen-Hughes, Head of GRE said, “We hope they have an enjoyable and productive stay in Dundee”.