A very big ‘thank you’, on behalf of everyone at GRE to: Armel Nicolas, Daniel Bandarra, Manjula Nagala, Julia Neusiedler, Katharina Schleicher, Sara Carvalhal and Sonia Moniz for organising another hugely successful GRE Symposium at Piperdam on Friday 22 November.

With 4 sessions, 12 scientific talks, 2 posters sessions and 33 posters, the full-day symposium was followed by dinner and a Ceilidh.

The Poster Prizes went to:

Anne Seifert (Hay Lab)

Heat stress induces a dramatic change in the chromatin landscape of SUMO modification.

Motoharu Ono (Lamond Lab)

SILAC proteomic analysis of human protein replacement stable cell lines established using snoMEN-PR vectors.

Saskia Hutten (Lamond Lab)

The Cajal body associated SUMO isopeptidase USPL1 functions in RNA polymerase II mediated snRNA transcription.

Bettina Meier (Gartner Lab)

C. elegans as a model for profiling mutational signatures of carcinogens and DNA repair  deficiency.


Many thanks to Manjula Nagala for taking such great photos of the day – you can see a selection of these on the GRE Facebook page.