Relive the excitement and enthusiasm of the 2013 GRE Symposium in this seven-minute video. Click here to watch the film.

This short film captures both the scientific achievement and the vibrant community spirit on display at our recent annual Symposium at Piperdam, organised by Armel Nicolas, Daniel Bandarra, Debbie MacIntosh, Manjula Nagala, Julia Neusiedler, Katharina Schleicher, Sara Carvalhal, and Sonia Moniz.

Fast-paced montages combined with interviews with Director Julian Blow, Deputy Director Sonia Rocha, and organisers Daniel Bandarra, Debbie Macintosh, and Armel Nicolas bring to life the process of creating a successful conference, from talks to poster sessions to the ever-popular ceilidh.

The film was made by Steve Soave, who has worked with the College on a number of promotional films as part of our commitment to engage with the widest possible audience.

You can read more about the Symposium here.