A student from GRE and 3 GRE Alumni members won all of the poster prizes at the 28th Annual Molecular Biology of Cancer Meeting, held on 12-14 December 2011 at the University of Warwick.

This year’s meeting entitled, Genes and Cancer Meeting 2011 focused in particular on the identification of the genetic lesions and signalling pathways/molecules that contribute to the ontogeny of cancer, and which are accessible to therapeutic intervention strategies.

Professor Ron Hay and Dr. Sonia Rocha also attended the meeting which aimed to bring together key investigators at the forefront of cancer research and provided opportunities for postdocs and graduate students to present their work in poster sessions and in a selected set of short talks.

The first prize went to Helder Ferreira an ex-PhD student from Tom Owen-Hughes’ Lab, currently working with Susan Gasser in the FMI Basel, Switzerland.

The second prize went to Debbie MacIntosh currently a student in Julian Blow’s Lab and the third prize was won by Kirsteen Campbell, currently working with Bob White-Beatson and a former PhD-student of Neil Perkins. Kirsteen is also the recipient of a Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship.

Helder Ferreira who works with Susan Gasser and is a former PhD-student from the Owen-Hughes Lab won the Hybrigenics Prize of £10,000.