A number of school prizes were presented at Review of the Year today with recognition for researchers in GRE.

Alejandro-Brenes-MurilloAlejandro Brenes Murillo (Lamond lab) was named as runner up in Innovator of the Year category. Alejandro has developed an application to bring together and visualise proteomics data with other large bioinformatics resources. The panel felt this was a very good innovation with enormous utility for the research community. The judges highlighted that the three shortlisted applicants were exceptional and it was a difficult decision.

Ye Hong

The Molecular and Cellular Biology Prize is for a postgraduate student or postdoctoral researcher to recognise excellence in basic research was awarded to Ye Hong (Gartner lab). The judges were particularly impressed with three papers that describe elegant work on the role of the LEM-3/Ankle1 nuclease in the resolution of chromatin bridges at the midbody during cytokinesis and in meiotic recombination repair and chromosome separation. This nuclease is likely a key player in the long-term maintenance of genome stability. These papers were published in PLoS Genetics, Genome Research and Nature Communications.