The Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression is delighted to announce that it is inviting entries to a photography competition to promote views of Scotland and Dundee as seen through the eyes of our international CLS community.

Images will be showcased on the PhD Programme website and as part of an exhibition in the WTB Atrium this summer.


“Through our Public Engagement activities the Centre has provided the public, in and around Dundee, with an understanding of the excellent quality of life sciences research being carried out here at the College of Life Sciences. Attendance at Doors Open Days and other public engagement events demonstrate the enormous public interest in our research.

“But the human side of this story often remains untold. This exhibition aims to show a personal vision of each one of us of Scotland as we see it – away from work, enjoying the outdoors, or simply capturing a friendly face in a photo.

“These photographs don’t have to fit a category or a concept. Whether it’s landscape or people you prefer to photograph, they just need be representative of what Scotland looks like to you.”

Ana Agostinho (Gartner Lab), Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression


The Competition

All CLS students and staff are invited to submit their photographs of Scotland – in particular Dundee, Tayside and the surrounding area – as part of the exhibition which aims to collect a selection of photos to promote the College as a destination for potential PhD students, PostDocs and PIs.

We also want to know why you have chosen and submitted a particular photo and why you think it best represents your view of Scotland. Alternatively, you could tell us what your experience of living and working here has been.

Images will be showcased on the PhD Programme website and as part of an exhibition in the WTB Atrium, this summer. All images from the long-list will be printed and exhibited with the accompanying text for the exhibition in the summer.

How to Enter

Images can be submitted through Dropbox with an invitation to  Sarah Hussain or as an attachment to

Images MUST be accompanied by a 200-300 word blurb about EITHER why the image represents your view of Scotland to you OR what it’s like living and working at the College of Life sciences in Dundee.

Please note: Images without the accompanying text may not be entered into the competition.

You can submit up to 3 images (each with accompanying text) but (except in exceptional circumstances) only one image per person may be printed for the exhibition.

All images will be anonymised before being submitted to the judging panel.

Winning Entries

There will be three prizes for the short-listed images of:

First Prize: £500

Second Prize: £300

Third Prize: £200

The deadline for submitting images is: 30 June 2013

A reminder will be sent two weeks before the deadline