Congratulations to Anton Gartner on being awarded tenure on the 29th of May 2009.

Anton has been a Principal Investigator in the GRE centre since 2004, when he moved to the University of Dundee from the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry in Munich. Since his arrival, his research into the process of apoptosis (programmed cell death) has earned him international recognition as an expert in the genetics of the DNA damage response in C. elegans. As well as uncovering a new mechanism for p53/cep-1 regulation involving translational repression by the gld-1 protein; Anton has also discovered an apoptotic pathway acting in parallel to p53/cep-1 involving the sir2 protein deacetylase.

Anton’s recent work has identified a new gene, GEN-1, thought to be involved in the DNA damage response, and has shown that this gene is homologous to a recently identified mammalian Holliday Junction resolvase. He has contributed to several other published studies of the DNA damage response with collaboration both within other research groups in Dundee and with international collaborators. Angus Lamond (Director of the WellcomeTrust Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression) described Anton as “an exceptionally bright and deep thinking scientist who is passionate about his research”.

We would also like to thank the external panel members Nick Hastie and Jonathan Hodgkin