Congratulations to Wei-Theng Poh on successful completion of her Ph.D. on
”The role of Cdc7 and Cdks in DNA replication and S-phase” 

(Monday, 12th November 2012). Her external examiner was Dr. CorradoSantocanale
of the National University of Ireland and her internal examiner was Dr. John Rouse of the MRC-PPU.

Wei-Theng is part of the prestigious A*Star programme, a four-year scholarship comprising approximately two years of postgraduate research at the University of Dundee, and two years at a relevant A*STAR Research Institute in Singapore. Ph.D. research training is carried out under the joint supervision of a University of Dundee Professor and a senior member of an A*STAR Research Institute. Wei-Thang’s Ph.D. was jointly supervised by Prof. Julian Blow of the Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression in Dundee and Prof. Philipp Kaldis of the A*Star Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Singapore.