Rocha Lab Research Paper: “Mechanism of hypoxia-induced NFÿB”

A recent paper in Cell Cycle, co-authored by GRE PI Sonia Rocha, “Mechanism of hypoxia-induced NFÿB” define a novel pathway regulating NF-kappaB activation.
(Authors: Andrew Melvin, Sharon Mudie and Sonia Rocha) volume 10, issue 6.

The cellular response to hypoxia relies on the activation of a specific transcriptional program. The Rocha Lab have recently described the mechanism for hypoxia induced NF-kappaB. They demonstrated the crucial dependency on the IKK complex as well as in the upstream IKK kinase TAK1. In addition it also requires Ubc13 as the E2 ubiquitin conjugation enzyme. This paper identifies a role for XIAP as the possible E3-ubiquitin ligase for this system, defining novel pathway regulating NF-kappaB activation.