The most recent student in GRE to successfully defend their PhD was Geng Liu. His thesis was on the: “Control of the p53 tumour suppressor protein through the NEDD8 conjugation pathway”. Geng has been working under the supervision of Dimitris Xirodimas, in Ron Hay’s Group.

His supervisor, Dimitris said: “Geng was my first PhD student so I think I was as nervous as him on the day (maybe even a little bit more). Therefore, I feel particularly happy and proud that Geng successfully completed his PhD studies and that his work is currently being considered for publication. Geng’s achievement also reflects the high standard of the PhD programme in the Centre, which ensures excellent training both for students and junior supervisors.” We are pleased that Geng will be staying with us to continue the work he developed during his thesis and we would like to thank the generous and continuous support from the Association for International Cancer Research (AICR) which played a key role in the successful completion of Geng’s studies.