Two College of Life Sciences research students Debbie McIntosh (Blow Lab) and Siannah Dunn (Cowling Lab) are speaking at an annual conference of researchers from Tubingen and Heidlberg Universities.

The conference, Joint Workshop of the IRTG 1302 and IRTG 880, being held at Schloss Maurach, Lake Constance this week (14th16th May 2012), is organised by and brings together students from British and German Universities, including Tubingen, Groningen, Cambridge and Dundee.

Sianadh Dunn will be presenting her talk, the mRNA methyl cap: an essential component of gene expression andDebbie McIntosh will be speaking on, replication factory regulation in normal and cancer cells and Nicholas Leslie on PTEN, PI 3-kinase and cancer.

Two senior researchers from CLS are also speaking at the event: Hari Hundal on NEFAs, proinflammatory signalling and skeletal muscle insulin resistance: understanding the molecular links and Nicholas Leslie on PTEN, PI 3-kinase and cancer.

Debbie and Sianadh plan to use the opportunity to promote the University of Dundee at this conference of German Universities.

This is just the latest in a series of activities and events that the two PiCLS committee members have arranged on behalf of the College.