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`Celebrating Life Sciences Innovation: How do you innovate as a university?’

2 – 6 pm, Tuesday 17th April 2012.

Dalhousie Building

University of Dundee

Dundee’s position as a hub for life sciences innovation excellence has recently been reaffirmed with the College of Life Sciences winning three BBSRCawards for pioneering innovation and research impact at British Universities: the BBSRC Excellence with Impact Award 2011, Innovator of the Year 2011 Award & Social Innovator of the Year 2011.

These awards recognise an impressive track record of attracting inward investment, creating spinoutsand out-licensing to multi-national corporations. The College of Life Sciences currently has collaborations with the majority of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies.

Celebrating Life Sciences Innovation will highlight the pioneering research in Dundee and capitalise on successful partnerships to stimulate future collaboration. This event will explore how to translate research outcomes into social and economic benefits for Scotland and the whole United Kingdom by building on our recognized strengths in research, innovation and translation.

Hosted by the Principal Professor Pete Downes, speakers will include


  • Professor Sir Philip Cohen(Founder & Director of the Scottish Institute for CeLL Signalling, SCILLS)
  • Dr. Malcolm Skingle (Director of Academic Liaison for GlaxoSmithKline)
  • Professor Andrew Morris(Chief Scientific Officer for Scotland)
  • Professor Jason Swedlow(CEO of Glencoe Software)

Winner of the BBSRC Excellence with Impact Award for Innovator of the Year and Social Innovator of the Year 2011

The event will bring together representatives from life sciences research, local and national government, industry and pharma and the national media for what promises to be a celebration, a networking opportunity and showcase for life sciences innovation in Dundee.

To share this forum for innovation excellence all local biotech companies are invited to have a booth to promote the company and introduce their innovation to our invited representatives of government, industry and the press. If you would like to showcase your company at this event then please rsvp by 3 April 2012 to

We hope you will join us.