Professor Anton Gartner was able to catch up with three of his former students while on a trip to the United States. They have all continued working with C. elegans in research and happened to be in New York this summer.

Ehsan and Anton

Ehsan Pourkarimi is a postdoc in the Whitehouse lab at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, Neda Masoudi is a postdoc in the Hobert lab in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Columbia and Bjoern Schumacher is a Principal Investigator and Chair for Genome Stability in Ageing and Disease at the University of Cologne but is on sabbatical at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Manhattan Skyline

Anton explained that even though his students did not listen to his advice, they were doing very well, “It was nice to meet up with former students in Manhattan. The story is that I repeatedly discouraged them to do a postdoc over there. Why would you do this if you know Dundee?  Housing is a problem, research so so, and Roosevelt Island right in the middle of the East River makes the point. First built as a prison, then converted for the mentally insane, prison again and recently upgraded for postdoc accommodation. Guess what. Where did Ehsan end up? Irrespective, I agree that views are rather nice. Bjoern has nothing better to do than a sabbatical. We will take picture of Neda next time.


“All in all it was good to see how well they are all doing. Research is going very well, C. elegans worms grow in Manhattan and yes, the world is small. Indeed, Ehsan is with Iestyn Whitehouse, a GRE alumnus, Tom Owen Hughes’ very first PhD student in Dundee.”