The annual GRE Symposium was held on Friday, 5 November 2010 at the West Park Conference Centre, followed by Dinner and a Ceilidh at the Invercarse Hotel.

The event was both an academic and social success: 11 talks were delivered by researchers from each of the PI research groups. The poster session was held at lunchtime and prizes announced later in the day by the most recent Wellcome Trust Centre  PI recruit Dr. Eric Griffis. Invitees included Dr. Meher Antia the Wellcome Trust Science Portfolio Adviser.

This year’s prize-winners were:

Wei-Theng Poh (Julian Blow group)
“The role of the Cdc7 kinase in DNA replication and the DNA damage response”

Sarah Bajan (Gyorgy Hutvagner group)
“Determining the function of the ribosomal protein RACK1 in miRNA-mediated gene regulation”

Ehsan Pourkarimi (Anton Gartner group)
“Cytological characterization of apoptotic components in C. elegans; revisiting an old story”

Each winner received £100 worth of Amazon vouchers

The poster judges were: Dr Eric Griffis, Debbie McIntosh (Julian Blow Group), Colin Hammond (Tom Owen-Hughes Group), Saskia Hutten (Angus Lamond Group), Bart Engels (Angus Lamond Group)

Perhaps one of unexpected highlights of the day was the distribution of the new GRE polo shirts, each with the GRE logo embossed on the top left-hand corner. Director Angus Lamond has kindly offered the first polo-shirt free to every member of the Centre. However, if you would like to place an order for more please contact Gayle Gray or Sarah Hussain.