BioDundee Conference 2012

12th Annual BioDundee International Conference

Diversity in Adversity

Hilton Hotel, Dundee, Scotland, UK

30th31st May 2012

The BioDundee Conference is well established as the largest life sciences event of its kind in Scotland. Our mission this year is to show how to bring together innovative bioscience and creative funding solutions in challenging times.

We will bring together the academic and industrial communities, plus professional support services, from across the Scottish and UK life science sector to provide a platform for exchanging ideas and building robust collaborations for the future.  The first day will consist of podium presentations, followed by a wine reception and gala dinner.  On the second day there will be an opportunity to visit selected research institutes, and also to meet experts from Technology Transfer Offices of local institutes and Business Development departments of local companies.

Key Topics Include: Diagnostics & Personalised Medicine, Neglected Diseases, Pests & Parasites


Keynote Address: Lon Cardon (SVP, Alternative Discovery and Development, GlaxoSmithKline)

Session Chairs & Speakers Include:

  • Professor Roland Wolf (Director of Medical Research Institute, University of Dundee)
  • Professor Munir Pirmohamed (Head of Department of Molecular & Clinical Pharmacology, University of Liverpool)
  • Dr Berwyn Clarke (Board Director & Chief Scientific Officer, Lab21)
  • Professor Irwin McLean (Head of Division of Molecular Medicine, University of Dundee)
  • Professor Paul Wyatt (Head of Drug Discovery Unit, University of Dundee)
  • Professor Ian Toth (Theme Leader, James Hutton Institute)
  • Dr Alison Blackwell (Director, Advanced Pest Solutions)
  • Dr Michael Csukai (Senior Technical Expert, Biological Sciences, Syngenta)
  • Barbara McQuillan (Henderson-Loggie Chartered Accountants)


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