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Viva success for Matt Toman

Matt Toman successfully completed their PhD viva on their thesis ‘Structural and biochemical characterisation of human SWI/SNF-related chromatin remodelling complexes.’ Read More

Abigail Corsie passes PhD viva

Abigail Corsie successfully completed her viva today. Her thesis was entitled “Structure and function of chromatin remodelling ATPases, and their Read More

Honour for Jason Swedlow

Jason Swedlow, Professor of Quantitative Cell Biology, has been awarded an Honorary OBE for his services to Biological Imaging, technology Read More

Diana Rios Swed passes viva

Diana Rios Swed, a PhD student in Constance Alabert’s lab, passed her PhD viva yesterday with a thesis entitled, “Investigating Read More

Paul Murphy

Viva success for Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy from Ron Hay’s lab passed his PhD viva today. “Functional 3D architecture in an intrinsically disordered E3 ligase Read More

Joana Silva

Joana Silva passes PhD viva

Joana Silva from Victoria Cowling’s group passed her PhD viva last Friday. Her thesis is entitled, “Investigating the role of Read More

Yasir Malik

Yasir Malik passes viva

Yasir Malik from Anton Gartner’s lab passed his PhD viva yesterday. His thesis was entitled ‘Identifying the role of DAP-1 and Read More

Seraina Blumli

Seraina Blumli passed PhD viva

Congratulations to Seraina Blumli from Tom Owen-Hughes’ lab who passed her PhD viva today. Her thesis was entitled ‘Engineering Cell Read More

Anton Gartner

Funding boost for Gartner lab

Professor Anton Gartner has been awarded a Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) grant totalling quarter of a million Read More

Piotr Zdankowski

Piotr Zdankowski passes viva!

Congratulations to Piotr Zdankowski who passed his viva today with a thesis entitled “Adaptive optics stimulated emission depletion microscope for Read More

Viva Success for Mehmet Gundogdu

Mehmet Gundogdu from Prof Daan van Aalten Lab passed his PhD viva today with a thesis entitled “Understanding O-GlcNAc transferase tetratricopeptide Read More

PhD Success for Simone Bertolini

Congratulations to Simone Bertolini from Anton Gartner‘s research group who passed his PhD viva today.  His thesis was entitled, ‘Genetic and Read More

Olga Suska

Congratulations to Olga Suska

Olga Suska from Vicky Cowling’s lab passed her PhD viva today. Her thesis was entitled, ‘Investigating the role and regulation of Read More

Triple PhD transfer success

Our first year postgraduate students Joana Silva, Meng-Ying Wu and Paul Murphy have all successfully passed their PhD transfers today. Well Read More

Constance Alabert

Constance Alabert joins GRE

Constance Alabert joined the Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression as a new PI this week. Constance was previously a Research Read More

PhD Success for Triin Tammsalu

Triin Tammsalu from Ron Hay’s lab successfully defended her thesis entitled ‘Global identification of SUMO modification site’ yesterday. Her internal Read More

PhD Success for Alena Shmakova

Congratulations to Alena Shmakova from Sonia Rocha’s lab who successfully defended her PhD on Monday. Her thesis was entitled ‘Role of Read More

PhD Success for Sarah-Lena Offenburger

Congratulation to Sarah-Lena Offenburger from Anton Gartner’s group who successfully defended her thesis entitled: ‘A transthyretin-related gene and a neuroligin-like gene Read More

Cryo EM facility

First training in the Cryo EM facility took place on Friday 26th August. It is hoped that the facility will Read More

Replicating Chromatin

Dr Ross Fennessy and Prof Tom Owen-Hughes have published a study showing that the positions which nucleosomes occupy are restored Read More

Gene Expression Austerity

Dr Michael Aregger, Dr Victoria Cowling and colleagues have published a study which reveals how transcription and mRNA capping are Read More

PhD Success: Kathryn Kirkwood

Congratulations to Kathryn Kirkwood of the Lamond group for successfully defending her PhD thesis, “Analysis of Human Protein Complexes by Read More

Daniel Bandarra: PhD Success

Congratulations to Daniel Bandarra in Sonia Rocha’s lab for successfully defending his PhD thesis, entitled “Role of the NF-kappaB-HIF Crosstalk Read More

Debbie McIntosh: PhD Success

Congratulations to Debbie McIntosh in Julian Blow’s lab for successfully defending her PhD thesis, entitled “An investigation into the regulation Read More

Lamond Group updates DataShop

The Lamond Group has released a new, updated version of their data visualization and analysis application, called ‘DataShop’ (http://www.peptracker.com/ds). DataShop Read More

Colin Hammond gets his PhD!

Congratulations to Colin Hammond (of the Owen-Hughes Group) on successfully defending his PhD Thesis: The structural analysis of histone H3 lysine Read More

Maria Kalantzaki’s PhD Success

Congratulations to Maria Kalantzaki of the Tanaka lab for obtaining her PhD entitles “Dissecting the role of Ndc80 and Dam1 complexes in tethering kinetochoresat the microtubule plus end; Read More

Helena Salmen awarded PhD

Helena Salmen of Ron Hay’s Lab has been awarded her PhD in the ‘Role of RNF4 and Ube2W in DNA damage response’. Her viva Read More

Orsolya Leidecker gets her PhD

Congratulations to Orsolya Leidecker, from Dimitris Xirodimas‘ Lab on successfully completing her PhD entitled ‘Investigating the response of the NEDD8 ubiquitin-like molecule to diverse stress conditions’ Read More

Congratulations Ashwat Visvanathan!

Congratulations to Ashwat Visvanathan (Supervisor: Angus Lamond) for successfully defending his PhD Thesis entitled ‘An In Vivo Study of Chromatin Compaction in Read More

Congratulations to Kati Klotz

Congratulations to Kati Klotz (Supervisor: Julian Blow) for successfully defending her PhD Thesis entitled ‘Consequences of partial chromosome replication in the Read More

Congratulations to Katie Hands (Supervisor: Ron Hay) for successfully defending her PhD Thesis entitled ‘Defining the mechanism of arsenic-induced degradation Read More

Tartan Triangle Meeting

Principal Investigators from the three Wellcome Trust Centres in Scotland – popularly known as the Tartan Triangle held a joint Read More

GRE at Crieff 2012

Crieff 2012, the CLS Annual Research Symposium, was another popular success this year with four GRE PIs giving talks over Read More

Launch of the GRE Brochure

The Wellcome Trust Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression is delighted to announce the launch of the GRE Brochure. This Read More

Third GRE ISAB Visit

The 3rd visit of the GRE International Scientific Advisory Board was held on Thursday and Friday 3-4 November 2011. This Read More

PhDs Awarded

Michael Johnston from Gyorgy Hutvagner’s laboratory, successfully passed his PhD viva 21 October 2010. Michael’s thesis title was “Characterisationof Argonaute Read More

PhD Viva Success

Salma Mahmoud from Tom Owen-Hughes lab successfully passed her PhD viva on Monday 21st February 2011.  Salma’s title was “Investigating the mechanisms Read More

GRE Symposium 2011

The GRE Symposium 2011 will be held on Friday 4th November 2011. Please note this date in your diary.

Congratulations to Tomo Tanaka

Research paper: The ndc80 loop region facilitates formation of kinetochore attachment to the dynamic microtubule plus end Tanaka Lab paper Read More

PI Retreats 2011

The 2011 GRE PI retreats will be held on Friday 3rd June and Friday 9th December 2011. Please note these Read More

Congratulations to Tom Owen-Hughes

Research paper: Chaperone Proteins may influence the transmission of non-genetic information across generations Traditionally chaperones have acted to ensure that Read More

Mike Stratton Visit

The Wellcome Trust centre for Gene Regulation and Expression at the College of Life Sciences hosted Professor Mike Stratton of Read More

PhD Viva Success

Andrew Bowman from Tom Owen-Hughes lab successfully passed his PhD viva today, Friday 7th January 2011. Andrew’s title was “Characterisation Read More

Julian Blow Research Papers

Congratulations to Professor Julian Blow: Two new Blow Lab papers examine different aspects of DNA replication A recent paper by Read More

PhD viva success

Anna Plechanovova from Ron Hay’s Lab successfully passed her PhD Viva yesterday, Wednesday 15th December 2010. Anna’s title was “Structural Read More

Annual PI Retreat

The 18th Wellcome Trust Centre For Gene Regulation & Expression Principal Investigators Retreat was held at Fernie Castle, Letham, Cupar Read More

PhD viva success

Mr David Dickerson from Tom Owen-Hughes Lab, successfully passed his PhD viva on Friday 26th November 2010. David’s title was Read More