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GRE facilities

One building – science without boundaries

We work in a modern, purpose-built, open-plan building that fosters interaction and interdisciplinary collaboration.

GRE facilities

The everyday – every day

Media preparation and sterilisation is provided by a central service that collects and delivers the resources you need direct to your bench. Central Stores keep a wide range of reagents ensuring that most things you need are immediately available. Molecular procedures such as cloning, CRISPR/Cas9 and recombinant protein production are available as in-house services.

GRE facilities

The state-of-the art – every day

Access to Dundee Life Sciences’ extensive range of leading-edge in-house platform technologies for imaging, cell sorting, computing, X-ray crystallography, proteomics and sequencing is enabled by an exceptional team of specialists through our Centre for Advanced Scientific Technologies (CAST).


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World class proteomics facilities & expertise

Dundee’s combined scale of expertise and technology for quantitative proteomics and post-translational modification detection is unrivalled worldwide. The research groups of Ron Hay and Angus Lamond provide experience in the application of proteomics approaches. This is complemented by our core proteomics facility that handles a wide range of samples very efficiently. The Centre also has expertise in the analysis of proteomics datasets and how to most effectively share this information.

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A national resource for imaging

GRE, together with our colleagues in Life Sciences, have developed world class technology and expert support in light, electron and non-optical imaging. In light microscopy, we have 18 advanced imaging systems that include confocals, spinning disc and MPFLIM. We have a dedicated tissue imaging facility that includes two light sheet imaging systems. We have a Super-resolution OMX 3DSIM Blaze Microsocope which is a Scottish and UK national resource and we have a range of SEM, TEM and AFM electron microscopes.

An OMERO server is freely available for use by all Life Sciences researchers  to store, view and analyse image data.

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Unique drug discovery & high throughput screening capabilities

The capacity, resources and expertise that Dundee has for drug discovery is unrivalled in an academic environment anywhere in the world. Dundee’s Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) has focused on the discovery of treatments for neglected diseases. Collaboration between GRE PIs and the DDU are frequent, testing new lead compounds and targets informed by our basic research activity. High throughput screening is available in Dundee through the National Phenotyping Centre.

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GRE facilities

Structural biology

Researchers in GRE have access to in house screening and X-ray diffraction equipment as well as access to synchrotron beam time for crystallographic studies. The analysis of single particles in ice using electron microscopy now provides an alternative to X-ray crystallography.

GRE has established a 200keV cryo-electron microscope as well as the equipment required for sample preparation and image processing. Across Life Sciences we have access to a variety of complimentary biophysical and structural equipment including NMR (Nuclear magnetic resonace), Isothermal Calorimetry, OCTET (Bio-Layer Interferometry), SEC MALS (Size exclusion multi-angle light scattering) and SPR (Surface plasmon resonance).

Shared computational biology & data analysis 

The data obtained in our experiments is often complex and analysing and understanding it can be challenging. As a result, many groups include experts in data analysis, and training is available to enable researchers to learn new approaches. In addition, the Centre interacts closely with colleagues in the adjacent department of computational biology where it has helped to establish a Data Analysis Group of experts in computational biology, statistics and bioinformatic analysis. Many members of the Centre share workspace with computational biologists to facilitate interactions – enabling advanced sequencing, modelling, imaging and proteomics analysis. Consistent with our analysis requirements, we have access to our own in-house high-performance computing cluster.

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GRE facilities

Working with genetic models

GRE has tissue culture suites dedicated to work with mouse and human cell lines. In addition, we have rooms specially designed for working with either yeast, insect cells, Xenopus laevis or C. elegans. In the same building, Life Sciences provides a mouse facility and a human pluripotent stem cell service. The rich diversity of scientific excellence in Dundee Life Sciences as a whole engenders a community spirit where our colleagues provide collaborative expertise in working with a wide range of other experimental systems.

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