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Outer Space I Inner Space


Microscope Marvels

For the Winter Season at the Mills Observatory, Outer Space | Inner Space will be hosting Microscope Marvels. More details soon.


Outer Space-Inner Space

Outer Space | Inner Space at the Mills Observatory

Outer Space | Inner Space (OSIS) is a science communication venture created and led by the Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression. OSIS is an adaptable immersive space at the iconic Mills Observatory, supported by an interactive, science outreach programme to promote cutting-edge research from the University of Dundee.

OSIS at the Mills

Sharing Science Archive

Sharing Science Archive

The Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression has always been at the forefront of engaging the public in scientific research. The centre continues to lead the way in providing new and innovative ways to deliver engagement and reach wider audiences.

Our public engagement projects aspire to create a culture of knowledge-sharing and communication by accessing the widest possible audience through a variety of technological and visual media, ensuring that the understanding of science is delivered in novel and stimulating ways.

To learn about our previous projects, please visit our Sharing Science Archive.