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Principal Investigators

“GRE has an incredible supportive atmosphere. The open plan nature of the labs promotes collegiality and interaction both social and professional. The sense of belonging and identity is also something that one feels when becoming part of GRE. At the PI level, you have exceptional mentors as well as collaborators all around you. You have access to incredible facilities and the vision of continuous improvement, development and setting the standards. Everybody benefits from each other’s success and are happy to help when things are not going so well. You are also inspired and moved out of your comfort zone, achieving and doing things you would not expected when starting a project. In my mind, GRE is the example of a collaborative, inspirational and supportive working environment.”

Professor Sonia Rocha

Cancer Research-UK Senior Research Fellow and Deputy-Director of The Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression

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How to Apply

To enquire about a PI position, please submit an up to date CV, a cover letter explaining your interests and how these integrate with current GRE research. In addition, please include a short description of the proposed research you would like to undertake. Informal enquiries are also welcome and should be directed to Tom Owen-Hughes, Sonia Rocha or Vicky Cowling. Formal applications to advertised positions should be made using the University of Dundee, online application system.

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